Is it possible to be open-minded?

Is it possible to be open minded in today’s world?

In our world today it might look like everyone’s taking sides, you know, you are taught to belong to something; some dogma, some lifestyle, some religion. But there are people who don’t want to belong to anything, and there are also people who think that everyone MUST belong to something.

I believe that it is indeed possible to be truly open-minded, to leave your mind bare to all aspects of life. I don’t believe that one must belong to a dogma or a specific way of life. Why can’t I belong to more that one thing? Who says I can’t have more than one personality? I think it is very arrogant of we human beings to force each other into myopic aspects of life.

To the average human being, everyone belongs to a particular religion; either you are Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or any other religion. To the average human being, it is impossible to just be without being into anything. To me this is the height of all arrogance.

It is very possible for one to be open-minded; belonging to no religion or dogma or any preconceived path of life. A world in which everyone MUST belong to something is indeed the thinking of a child. And like children, we must all grow. Enough of expecting the world to act in a particular way, enough of this human arrogance, this foul rigidity.

I am open-minded. Bite me.

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