Business and Philosophy

In my previous post I talked about how not having money can cause a lack of taste in everything, nothing will interest you anymore and you just damn everything. So, a few hours ago when I was in the lack of money mood, I began delving into the realm of philosophy. Yea! Being broke can do that to you. I was thinking right there in the shopping mall, nothing really made sense to me, I mean, I was blank. ‘What are all these people doing here?’ I asked myself. I felt like screaming, like punching something. What is this life without money, without the power to purchase? Why did we create our world around money? Why should money or the lack of it affect me so much?

Business and Philosophy are not so far-apart cousins as we may likely think. In fact, those two facets of life are ever so closely related. Think about it, why do people go into business? Why do entrepreneurs do what they do? To make money. And how do you make money? By creating a solution to a problem. I often share this thought process with friends, you have to give people a reason to dip their hands in their pockets and bring out their hard-earned money to purchase your services. This is how money is made (although easier to note than to do).

As a budding entrepreneur, sometimes the world won’t make sense to you. Sometimes you’d experience some lows that will rock you silly. Sometimes you’d want to give up. Sometimes you’d ask questions that have no answers. Sometimes you might even be suicidal.

You know what? Nothing is for sure. Nobody knows if they’re definitely going to be as successful as they dream. And this feeling is scary, very scary. But it’s all a test to check out how resilient you can be, how insufferable you can be.

Has your taste for business driven you down the path of philosophy? Please share some of your thoughts.

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