Dreams and Ideas

Some weeks ago, I had a dream. What happened was, on that day I was thinking heavily about my startup and as I rested I sauntered into a rather deep sleep. In my dream I was making changes to the business idea, and somewhere along the line, I was making up new business ideas, interesting ideas. Even in the middle of the dream, I was telling myself never to forget once I woke up because I knew how dreams are, once you’re up you could just forget everything. When I eventually woke up, I forgot a little about my dream. It was very disturbing that upon all my zeal to remember I still forgot a little. I immediately took a pen and paper and began to rack my head about the facts I saw in my dream. There were two names, I tried remembering one, but it didn’t stick, so I jotted down the other bigger idea.

Most of my ideas come in dreams. Even last night I had a horrible dream that could translate into a very mouthwatering horror story (I don’t know if I’d eventually write it though, I should). Ideas creep in in those moments when our bodies are in complete rest, when the brain is on fire. When we’re at sleep, the brain is on hyperdrive and all our thoughts come into focus.

The series Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) was a nightmare James Cameron (filmmaker) had when he was seriously down with fever. It is through the same dream process he came about the movie blockbuster Avatar. Stephenie Meyer’s weird dream about a human girl and a vampire boy later came to be what we know as Twilight. The shape and structure of DNA that eluded scientists until 1953 was dreamt by the scientist Dr. James Watson. Down the ages, so many innovative ideas we know about today were dreamt up.

Have you ever dreamt of any idea you so badly want to bring into reality?

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