4th April 2018 at 19:03

Today has been a neutral day. I started out in the morning feeling pumped for the day’s activities which include designing of an app that has been going on for some months now. So, I picked up a friend who is also a colleague and we set out for work. I got to work, opened my laptop on the desk. It was cool, the airconditioner is superb, always. I lauched Adobe XD and commenced the usual tinkering and brainstorming. Let’s just say I deliberated too much on some decisions and that in turn sucked the juice outta me. So right now, as I’m writing this, I’m juiceless. And it’s not funny. Because I feel stupid in this mental state. I feel like nothing makes sense. And I’m not one to sleep when things don’t make sense or when I’ve outlived my temporary usefulness. So here I am chesting it out.

It is a good time to be alive. Indeed. Great time. There are doubts, of course, but life goes on. Right? Truth be told, I hate feeling empty. I know that no feeling lasts forever, and that I’d soon be juiced up, but an empty feeling is like a knocked engine. No revolutions, no power.

Writing is a great way to ease any discomforting feeling. I write, I don’t know about being called a writer, but I write. So if you ask me, “Are you a writer?” My reply to you will be, “I write.” I’m not trying to be smart or anything, but would you rather I lied to you?

By the way, at the moment of posting this piece (laptop went off after writing so I couldn’t post immediately) I’m already feeling a bit juiced up.

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