Hello World

Hello World! It’s 4:04 am here in Nigeria and I just feel like writing something. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Are you not meant to be fast asleep to get up early for work tomorrow?’ But hey, guess what? I’m already up for work! Actually, light out woke me up (the heat, unfathomable).

So I just took a shower 🚿 and maybe I’d sleep some more before work. But that’s risky. What if I wake late in the morning? I can already hear my boss shoving his words down my throat (by the way I hate the word boss).

You know I’d have stories before the day ends, right? I always think in stories. Life itself is a stage of stories. Remind me where I heard this quote:

When we are born we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.”

Lagos is a grand stage of fools then. The drama is just breathtaking. From boarding the bus early in the morning to coming back in unimaginable traffic in the evening. The passenger that won’t stop quarrelling with the conductor. The hawkers on the streets. The mother with her two kids about to cross the road (this reminds me of my upbringing). The bike men always too close to moving cars. The pothole riddled road. The pressure to keep to time. The noise. The music.

They say Lagos is a megacity, a metropolis, and they are right. I have a saying, if Lagos doesn’t inspire you as a writer then just watch 1000 ways to die.

Phew! It’s 4:21, a mosquito just buzzed in my ear. I hate those bloodsucking motherfuckers.

Good morning, all. Have a breathtaking Monday!

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