Work drive

So I’m in the bus and there’s this guy in front selling his products. You find them a lot in Lagos, selling miraculous drugs (from pain relievers to anti-diabetic herbs).

Hold on, it’s so freaking hard writing in a galloping bus!

So how does outside look? Bikes everywhere, mud (blame the rains, they’re here to stay), dirt (this is one problem Lagos never seems to solve), and of course, people, thousands of them.

There are heavy duty vehicles, trucks and trailers. Road blockers I call them.

Remind me, please, this guy is yet to give me my change. He’s saying he doesn’t have change. I remember when I was in secondary school, I forgot my change with the conductor on many occasions. It’s the painfulest (forgive!) thing ever.

So the drug guy has stopped talking. Phew! He’s now chatting with a fellow passenger he appears to know. No more talk of unending miracles his drugs offer. And people actually do buy these drugs! But I gotta say, they sell themselves well. And his command of English isn’t bad either. I heard some pretty big and harmonious words from him.

There are umbrella shades everywhere, people selling all kinds of consumables and inedibles.

The roads are ever so narrow! Lagos typical roads. Congested roads and people. Constructions that never end. And these roads keep getting worse. I imagine what they’d be like when the rains start etching deep into them.

Hold on, there’s another guy free-talking in front. This one isn’t selling miraculous drugs buy miracles (you just gotta love Lagos). He’s preaching from the front seat of the van and passengers can’t even hear him! Oh boy, tectonic plates moving here (dude, no one can hear you!).

Whoa! I think the bus is swimming hehehehe. Roads are really bad. Thick chocolatey water sitting high on the roads.

A bus broke down in the middle of the road. Some dudes are trying to raise it with an hydraulic jack.

I must be getting close to work now (can’t really see front of me from where I’m seated, only sides).

So again, have a blissful day.

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