Do words matter?

Do words matter?

Every writer (so-called) asks this question every now and then; do words matter? Look at the world, all the bits and pieces of information erupting endlessly, and then you look at yourself and whatever it is you have to say, and then you ask; does it matter? In this overload of information spewing out from everybody all at once, does what I have to say or add matter?

You might wanna ask Google (I already did), but you might not be so impressed with the results. They’re all scientific and research-based. I think, if you want to know the importance of your experiences and self-expression, the best person to ask is you. I was watching a documentary on YouTube titled Do You Trust This Computer? and it was said that the average human being leaves a data footprint of 500Mb daily. Times this by the number of humans on the planet and you get as many bits of information as the atoms in an ocean. So just think of adding your own tiny bit to this madness of information, how does that feel?

Pointless, right?

Do words matter?

I think what really matters is who’s behind said words. The importance or influence of the sayer. If you’re a nobody, then your words count for little, so little it’s pointless. But if you happen to be somebody of importance or influence then your words count for much. I think it is not so much a question of whether your words matter but how consistent your words are. Consistency is key. And that is what most fail at, consistency, because of mood swings like sudden depression or sadness or fatigue (which is human). So many factors affect consistency. So another question is; how disciplined do you have to be to be consistent?

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